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GHH Charity Bike Ride

I am a fairly recent convert to cycling, and I haven't exactly been known to set the world on fire with my athletic prowess in the past. However, James (who is way better at this than me and will therefore find this super easy) has convinced me it is a good time for me to take on a bit of a challenge. So here I go, packing a stupidly teeny tiny bag and cycling across the width of the country. Mostly behind him, trying to keep up. And stay on the bike.

Starting on Tuesday April 12th, we cycled from Morecambe on the west coast, finishing up on Saturday the 16th in Bridlington on the east coast, with a total of 155 miles....phew!

I figured what better way to keep the spirits up when I am going up a ruddy great hill (which is when I start to question the wisdom of this cycling lark) than to raise a bit of money for a good cause. This local charity do some amazing work for so many people and their families who very much need their help and support in some pretty dark times.

Garden House Hospice Care provides specialist palliative care for patients, families and carers facing life limiting illnesses, to enable them to have the best possible quality of life by providing care and support in the setting of their choice, without discrimination.

Find out more about Garden House Hospice Care & Donate below:


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