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Modern Slavery Statement


Vaccination UK Limited (VUK) operate across the UK delivering immunization services for the NHS and for private customers through our clinic network. 

We employ nearly a 1,000 people across all our areas.


As a responsible business, we are committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our operations, our supply chain and within the people who work with us or on our behalf. 

Our supply chain is diverse and consists of the following: 

•    Vaccines supplied by the relevant pharmaceutical manufacturers, who in turn are required to publish their own modern slavery statements.
•    Indirect goods, services, products, and parts purchased from businesses primarily based in the UK.

We operate a risk-based approach that is designed to enable efforts to be focused where they are most needed and can best help eradicate modern slavery. We work close with our suppliers and do our best to insure they comply with their obligations under modern slavery legislation.

As part of our efforts to monitor and reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking occurring within our supply chains, we have adopted several policies and procedures, setting expectations for the conduct of ourselves and those that work with us. This includes:

•    the adoption of our Code of Conduct.
•    an annual review of what we deem to be any high-risk suppliers to confirm
their compliance with our Code of Conduct.
•    requiring our suppliers to comply with our contractual standards on ethical practices.
•    informing our people through the Company Handbook of the steps that we are taking in relation to managing the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains.
•    and operating a Whistleblowing policy, enabling our people to report and raise any concerns, including those that relate to human rights violations such as modern slavery.

Everyone who works for us is required to complete training on our Code of Conduct and our anti-bribery and corruption policy.

This statement is published in accordance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 on behalf of Vaccination UK Limited.

John Madsen
Chief Executive Officer

Vaccination UK Limited

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